The Big Day

Usually when people say this, people anticipate and look forward to the start of something new. Well that day finally came for us. We pulled out of our neighborhood street one last time as we hit the open road and as amazing and romantic as that sounds, it didn’t come without its incidences. We had circumstances that required us to drive 3 separate cars to Denver. It was Szymon in the Van, our friend Amy in her car and me in szymon’s car.  The drive was…. really boring and lonely, but we somehow made the best of it by listening to podcasts, good music and having silent moments of reflection and we made it to our first destination.  Szymon found a sweet camping hot spring location in Monroe, Utah and we pulled in after the sun went down. After driving 10 hours, hot springs sounded like heaven.

Mystic hot springs in Monroe provided us with camp grounds, bathrooms/showers, 24 hour hot springs and a really cute gift shop where the owner’s daughter made a lot of the clothes. There were vintage parked buses and vans  that were converted into rooms in the camp ground that you could rent out and sleep in! The hot springs were clean and had great views of the red rock surroundings.

We had snacks before bed and we all cuddled in Gaia for the night. We woke up in the AM and made our way to the soaking tubs with our morning brew and had some time to relax before heading back on the road.  We still had a good 7 hours to Denver and we were hoping to make it in time for dinner.  The hills made it difficult. The climbs were long and the downhills easy; my ears kept popping, and at one point Amy threw rose petals out her window as I drove behind her. The walkie talkies that Szymon brought also made the caravan really easy. And because we love food, we made it to Denver just in time for dinner.

We are staying in denver for another few days or so, sorting out our to-do lists and finishing up a couple things in the van.  Szymon’s sister lives here and staying with her and her family has been a joy. We will have a few more days of regular comforts like our 15 min hot relaxing showers that will inevitably turn into a 2 min race to finish because it’s too cold outside once we hit Alaska. Enjoy the little things, and the trade off that these small changes in lifestyle will bring is worth everything.

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