Our Story

We are two individuals with a passion for the outdoors, exploration and positive change. We embarked on this adventure with the intention of making an impact on society by inspiring others to make this world a better place. By taking a pause from the conventional lifestyle, we have embraced a new sense of freedom to cultivate self growth, taking chances, sharing kindness and making a difference not only in ourselves but everyone we encounter. We are traveling with a purpose and we encourage you to follow your heart, dream big, and create the path that you envision for your life’s journey.

Kyuri is a yoga pant wearing, rock climbing, world traveling Acroyoga monkey raised in beautiful Southern California. She loves the outdoors, and being her own boss as a freelance instructor gives her the freedom to explore and travel. She believes that our zeal for life is constantly refueled by reconnecting with nature whilst we unplug and plug back into our true selves. Yoga became such a huge influence in her life because it has taught her so much about herself and the universal consciousness. It has taught her that life is more than the mundane work, come home, sleep, repeat process. It’s about being present and showing up for herself everyday and using the time she has on this earth to pursue her wildest dreams.  She has a wanderlust heart and she loves to share her passions with her community.  She loves to give back, share kindness and help people find peace in their hearts through her practice.

Szymon’s (pronounced SHI-mawn) favorite things consist of: the outdoors (especially with Izzy the boxer-terrier mutt), cycling, hiking, backpacking, photography, and a good breakfast. Having immigrated from a small town in Poland to Chicago as a 9 year old, the move provided him with an opportunity to experience a new society bursting with diversity with all its unique cultures, and later the ability to explore some of this new big country as a teen. That sparked a love for adventure, cultures, travel, and the invaluable education and tales that come with it. He’s on a quest to learn more, to make a positive impact, and to share those stories with those he’s fortunate enough to cross paths with.