A Little Town Called Casper

After our visit in Denver, we headed north into Wyoming where our friend Amy Victoria used to call home.  She was there visiting family for the eclipse and she said the towns population tripled for the event. We saw the traffic jam from the opposite side of the highway the whole drive into town and we were very glad we weren’t stuck in it.

Casper is a small town with a very homey feel in the downtown district.  The city is developing the area to be a tourist destination and the new central amphitheater was amazing.  Amy even took Kyuri there for a donation yoga class that they starting holding during the summer months every Tuesday at 5:30pm. If you’re in town during that time, it is definitely worth checking out, but the highlight of our visit there was Casper Mountain.

We began the hike at around 8 am on our last day in town and the weather graced us with sunshine, clear air and incredible views of the town/mountains.  The trails were very well maintained by Rotary International, and there were even new lookout benches, carpeted picnic tables and signs that showed the routes and distances of the hikes.

We started in the main parking lot at the base of the mountain and began the trail up towards the waterfall first(Braille trail .5 miles). It was a quiet day and the water was cool and it was amazing to feel so close to nature.  We began our trek up the Bridle route (5 miles with a 1200ft elevation gain, 3 hour hike round trip) and the first thing I noticed was the well placed lookout platforms throughout the hike.  There were rock formations to walk through (Split rock at the top of Bridle trail), sport climbing routes at the top, fresh drinking water flowing down from the mountain and pools of water to soak our feet in.  The hike was fairly easy with different routes available. Visit the website here for more information.

As we prepared to head out to our next destination, we looked back with love and admiration for our friends that were so loving, supportive and generous.  From Kyuri’s first time quad riding around the farm, the hikes, the amazing food that our friend Sara prepared for us (wild caught antelope and deer with roasted veggies and home made clam chowder made from local goats milk), the yoga class in downtown and at the Scarlow art gallery.. The experience couldn’t have been better.  We are so grateful.  Thank you so much and love you girls to the moon and back.

A little fun tip on the hike: Keep your eye out for little painted rocks throughout the trail.  They tell you to take a photo with the hashtag and hide it again for someone else to find. 😉


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  1. Love you Kyuri! It was so fantastic having you here.

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